What awaits us on Bitcoin ? – EXCAVO 9.04.20

Bitcoin update 30.04.2020



Bitcoin made an incredible upward movement and reached 9300$ After that, it was corrected by 15% Finding a short for a scalp was logical. Local bottoms after the decline showed at 8453. If the scalp is not successful, I still recommend that you stay away. The market will always work, let it calm down to give more accurate guidance for further movements. We have tested the middle line of the ascending channel I also showed the resistance line which was formed from the previous two peaks of 2019 and 2020 I saw this blue triangle, it looks bullish , but I think it is a bull trap and we will break the support and come to the area of 8200-7800. And there is a good price for repurchase and a continuation of the halving rally.

In contrast to 2017, I did not see a large HYIP. Most likely this is still ahead when more and more people will begin to understand that cryptocurrency is a more interesting investment compared to the dollar which has no limited issue. But unfortunately, when the crowd comes most likely we will see a drop of 80% or more.

Best regards EXCAVO

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