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As you know, I have been doing analytics and watching market tenders in TradingView for a long time.

These days I’ve seen the first good growth signal in the XRPBTC pair that continues for now, but we also remain near the bottom


Today I want to show a long-term chart of XRPUSD.

As you can see, I made the same resistance lines as in the first correction in 2015, and after breaking through the main resistance line we adjusted and then went to update the global highs on the left side of the chart.

A little to the right in the chart, we see a similar situation when after a breakout through the resistance line, XRP moved above it in correction and testing mode. Now we are starting to grow.


Let’s have a look at how the coin will behave itself.

If something happened in the past, it is not necessary to happen in the future.

I am neither a moon boy and not in the Ripple army. I made this chart for those people who like this project.

Dear followers, the best “Thank you” will be your likes and comments!

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