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EURUSD Global Cycles


I haven’t published forex analysis for a long time.

Last week I was at a forex conference in Dubai. And I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the people at this conference.

That’s why I want to look globally on the forex market. Euro / Dollar ( EURUSD ) most popular pair

I showed large main cycles of 16 years.


1. Visually determine the full cycle (movement from minimum to minimum or from maximum to maximum) 2. We repeatedly confirm cyclicality over an accessible historical interval 3. We find the end and the beginning of a new cycle in current quotes and “continue” its construction in the future

If the cycle operates in the “past” – this is a guarantee of maintaining fluctuations with approximately the same period in the future – William Delbert Gann

If you know what part of the cycle you are in, you will always know when to buy and when to sell. William Delbert Gann

For example, you know that this is the end of a 16-year cycle, then you will only buy, not sell.

Each whole consists of small parts. A large 16 year cycle can also be broken down into smaller components. Divide the 16 year cycle in half, we get 8 year cycle. Divide the 8 year cycle again into 2 parts, we get 4 summer cycles.

Making a forecast for the EURUSD currency pair based on 16, 8, 4-year cycles, we can conclude that EURUSD has found some bottom, and this may be the beginning to continue the upward movement.

Cycles is not a trading system, it is just very good information for the trader to help him understand where the financial instrument is now, what we can potentially expect.

Each cycle will give one or another reaction, but this is NOT always exactly as we expect, the cycle can mark its end with inversion – a completely inverse reaction compared to history.

It is just necessary, according to the cycles, to pay more attention to the market, to wait for the continuation, according to the cycles in history, but also to be prepared that the market will respond to the cycle, but not what we expected.

We do not control the market and do not create any illusions on this score. We just observe it, what happened in history and what is happening now, and in accordance with what we see, we make trading decisions.

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