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For the first time, Mr. Excavo is sharing his advanced methods for developing from just a “trader" into a master of the market.

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  • It will completely transform your mindset into that of a successful trader
  • It’s jam-packed with time-tested methods and trading techniques of the elite.
  • You invest in your financial literacy, which is a smart strategic move.

Who Is Mr. Excavo and Why Should You Join Excavo Family?

Eugene Loza, AKA Mr. Excavo, is one of the world’s most respected authorities in crypto trading.

  • Mr. Excavo is a professional trading consultant and keynote speaker at various crypto conferences, forums, and webinars.
  • Having made over 1,000 successful forecasts, he has been described as one of the most accurate trading forecast experts.
  • Mr. Excavo has helped dozens of traders save thousands of of dollars.
  • With 65K + followers on Tradingview.com, he is an educator who is passionate about helping raise literacy in crypto trading.
  • He has held the top spot, being ranked as THE #1 crypto trading expert on Tradingview.com for all time.
  • With over 5 years of trading experience, he has made 10K + successful trades.

What Are the Secrets of Successful Cryptocurrency Trading? Imagine Having Your Exact Next Steps Mapped Out to Boost Your Trading Skills by 2x, 3x, 5x or even 10x…

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between successful and ordinary traders?

Successful traders always invest in financial literacy.

What’s your best approach in the current conditions of the crypto market?

Trade less, learn more when market haven't good conditions for trading. Invest in your skills and boost your expertise.

In this course, you’ll have exact steps mapped out for you that will help you:

  • understand the essence of financial markets and how they work
  • make the right decisions about opening / closing positions
  • learn various analytical tools for Technical Analysis and identify the most effective of them for a specific application
  • recognize the main psychological obstacles for traders and how to overcome them
  • learn proven tactics and trading strategies as well as how to work out your own
  • understand the importance of discipline in trading and how to develop yours
  • make and adhere to a plan for capital / risk management

Here's a "Sneak Peek" of What You'll Learn


1.1 About Mr. EXCAVO.

1.2 Cryptocurrency market overview. Сharacteristics and differences from classic markets.

1.3 Earning options for cryptocurrency.

1.4 Cryptotrading, exchanges and their advantages and disadvantages.

1.5 Bitfinex trading platform review:

  • charts and how it works;
  • price appearance and order book;
  • order types;
  • margin trading mechanics, short/long positions.


2.1 Fundamentals of ТА. Dow theory.

2.2 Trends as the main concept of understanding the market.

2.3 Trend types, trading ranges.

2.4 Supports/resistances.

2.5 The fan principle.

2.6 Trading channels.


3.1 Candle pattern analysis

3.2 Continuation patterns.

3.3 Reversal patterns.

3.4 False breakouts.

3.5 Target setup.


4.1 Elliott Wave theory.

4.2 Fibonacci levels.

4.3 Market cycles.


5.1 Trend indicators.

5.2 Oscillators.

5.3 Volume indicators.


6.1 Money/risk management.

6.2 Trading strategy as the best way versus emotions.

6.3 Discipline: preparation for trading sessions, strategy compliance, trading plans, trading diaries, trading deal analysis.

Practical lessons.

What Are Traders Saying about Mr. Excavo?

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Pricing Plans

Course starts on December 5


  • 6 modules+ 2 practice;
  • 1 month in VIP Signal group
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  • 6 modules+ 2 practice;
  • 3 month in VIP Signal group
  • individual portfolio analisys
1898$ BUY


  • 6 modules+ 2 practice;
  • Free personal consulting from Mr. EXCAVO
  • individual portfolio analisys
  • EXCAVO FAMILY Trading Club 1-year membership *
2989$ BUY

*As a Member of the EXCAVO FAMILY Trading Club, AKA Excavo Family

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